Amy Woodger,

Licensed Esthetician

Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be complicated and I enjoy helping people discover solutions to their skin conditions.  I also enjoy creating a space for others to rest and reset.  Facial massage, including Gua Sha, is a significant portion of every treatment I give.  

 I'm passionate about educating people on the importance of sun protection and regular skin checks with their dermatologist. Protecting and nourishing the skin is my focus and I believe a minimalist approach to skin care, with safe and effective products, can have profound effects.  Guidance from a skin care professional is an investment that will save you from spending on inadequate, or worse, damaging products and at-home treatments. 

Truly the highlight of this role is connecting with the people who come through our doors.  It is a vulnerable place to put your face in someone else's hands and I try my absolute best to make each person's exerience a positive one, meeting their needs and leaving them feeling better than before.

Located in Big Sky, Montana  48025 Gallatin Road Suite 1

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